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Unlimited broadband phone service
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What is VoIP

A broadband phone or VoIP is the phone service that utilizes the high speed internet to make calls at a fraction of the cost you normally pay to your current provider, or for free. It can help you save up to 90% on your phone bill in comparison with the conventional long distance services.
Shoud I use VoIP?

If you have a high speed internet and make a lot of domestic or international calls and would like to lower your phone bill, get an extensive list of features at no additional charge and enjoy the convenience of taking your number with your when travel, then the answer is yes!
Why ShopforVoip.com?

We let you compare voip providers and find the best broadband phone company with the service available in your area, and the features you want. We include the most popular service providers on one website so that you can choose the right service plan!
VoIP requires a high-speed internet. If you don't already have a provider, we've got you covered!

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